Why Insurance for Summer Camps?

Would anyone dare to trade in a kid’s unique summer camp fun? Ask anyone between the ages of seven and twenty and there’s bound to be a unanimous vote of confidence in favor of ‘no way, nothing to speak about’!

Summer camps evoke prime warm memories of away from home thrill, excitement, sunshine and those rare activities that boost self-confidence, esteem and friendships. For the child that has the distinct privilege to attend camp, there is nothing to compare to the joyful camping experience. For the camp owners, directors, counselors and other staff members, the employment opportunity and facility operation not only involves a fiscal compensation and much-deserved profits, but also the all-embracing rewards of being the key ones responsible for all the laughter, camaraderie, skill-learning and general celebration of the liberating season.

With the undeniable summer bliss, however, comes a generous dose of risk exposure. Camp owners and directors know that safety is paramount. Nonetheless, as in anything in life, all the meticulous planning and program implementing to prevent any number of related mishaps can never be foolproof. That is the reason why the insurance companies offer sound liability policies designed specifically for summer camps.

Typically written on an accounts basis, summer camp coverage includes logical hazards. Here you will find the general bundled all-in-one list:

1. Property insurance that cover camp buildings and the contents within, as well as miscellaneous equipment
2. Commercial general liability
3. Auto liability
4. Special campers accident and illness insurance

But there are the extra kinds of coverage that any responsible summer camp owner should mull over getting as well. This includes the following indemnity riders:

• Camp tuition coverage
• Extra expense insurance
• Theft expense coverage
• Medical expense insurance
• Accident coverage
• Any camp activity that is not covered
• Tuition compensation as a result of accident, illness – or even death (this is in response to a sudden breakout of widespread sickness, accident, man-made or natural occurrence such as a flood and other policy specified reason)

For the camp owner that has his or her finger on the pulse, the question of liability limits certainly comes into play. By and large as far as the insurance companies are concerned, high liability limits are the recommended way to go.

Of course, who the camp deals with in regard to procuring a good policy is also a primary matter. The dependent agency will offer only a policy that the one providing company can come up with. An independent insurance agency, on the other hand, deals directly with many of the leading companies. This gives it the ability to shop through its network to present a tailored plan at a competitive low rate.

With the right type of protection, any summer camp – along with its campers and faculty – is bound to enjoy a carefree summer experience with memories that will warm everybody over the winter until the next great camp season!

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How to Protect Your Business From Employee Dishonesty

A Surety Insurance Bond Exclusive:

Ideally, no one should ever have to worry about employee crime. Unfortunately, none of us live in an ideal planet. When it comes to commercial business, the idea is boldly underscored.

Studies in fact indicate that dishonesty among business workers is very common and overwhelmingly widespread. Only one-third of US employees do not admit to stealing and half of those ascribing to stealing from their bosses say they commit acts of thievery more often than any would realize. The eyebrow raising statistics are not cheap in any way you look at it, amounting to an estimated hefty fifty billion dollar cost to business nationwide – on a year to year basis.

There is, however, a way to counteract the criminal tide… at least in terms of company losses. Employee Dishonesty Bond Coverage protects the large and small business owner from the devastation resulting from being victimized by workers with monetary compensation up until the limits on the given bond policy that is purchased.

A related surety bond covers your company as well as your clients or customers from losses as a result of employee theft or embezzlement. Any employee – whether he or she works full or part-time is included in the coverage. In addition, coverage encompasses criminal activity perpetuated by officers and directors.

Questions and Answers about a Dishonest Employee Surety Bond

How high are related quotes on this type of insurance policy?
Not only is this form of insurance reasonably priced, it is also fairly easy to obtain.

What type of company writes this kind of indemnity?
A reliable independent agency that does direct business with many of the leading underwriters can get you a policy from a top company that has many, many years of experience with bonds.

Why is it necessary to go to the right type of agency in order to acquire tailored coverage?
An independent agency does not work for one sole company. That is why it can shop the network (so to speak) to procure a bond according to your individual needs at the most competitively lowest quote.

Is the claim process complicated and time-consuming?
That’s another valid reason to deal with a reputable company! The companies that a trusted agency deals with employ knowledgeable claim specialists that make your claim experience as seamless and quick as feasible.

Any other reason for dealing with a top insurance company that is familiar with all aspects of this coverage and others like auto, home, life, and so on?
The nationally and globally recognized companies come with the financial strength you want to expect. Ultimately that gives you’re the real power behind your coverage, as well as the peace of mind you deserve.

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Insurance for the Flea Market Vendor

Ah, the whiff of spring is in the air! As the mild temperatures of this wonderful season warm us, there aren’t many people that can ignore its beckoning invitation to the great outdoors. For those bent on finding an unlimited source of bargains, flea markets offer the opportunity along with the fresh air and bright sunlight that the winter months have been denying us. For the flea market vendor, springtime is not only the juncture where humankind enjoys Mother Nature’s offering, it is that great time to reap profits from the wares on outside display.

As in any wholesale or retail industry, selling at the flea market involves risk exposure – and believe me there is plenty of it. From general liability to the possibility of products losses and damages – in transit (inland marine) or at the actual property site, the small business that operates in this form of marketplace becomes vulnerable to all types of unwanted perils, including lawsuits.

Naturally, the reality and seriousness of the involves risks also lead the market owners to demand a certificate of insurance from their booth renters, proving there is a basic policy protecting the vendors interests as well as their specific interests.

Now, anyone in the business world is tied up with purchasing goods, transporting them on their trucks or cars, setting up tables, and making enough of a profit to make the venture worthwhile. Understanding flea market business is one thing for the vendor, understanding related coverage is another thing.

This is the primary reason why it is important to speak with an independent agency that is not bound by one company, but many. This serves as a two-fold benefit: it gives the vendor the ability to deal with insurance professionals that have no motive to push one policy over another and the ability to deal with an agency that can search a wide network to find the best policy at a competitively low quote.

Of course, experience, know-how and a reputation that proclaims the agency you want to deal with is honest, forthcoming and capable are other factors that an insurance client needs to focus on when looking for a policy providing establishment.

But there is one additional quality the flea market vendor wants – perhaps without even realizing it. It is an agent or broker who will take the time and effort into educating his or client about the coverage offered. In fact, one of the underlying themes of a genuinely good agency is its desire to produce informed consumers – ones that will become satisfied clients, equipped with the knowledge that they are covered with the form of indemnity that provides tailored protective coverage!

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